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Light & Shadow

Well, it’s official. I’ve been working hard to finally finish Light & Shadow: The Watcher Series Shorts and Extras. And, dum duh du dah, here is the cover. See? It’s really happening!

And some lucky fans can have a scene written to answer their burning questions. See how below.

Through the years, some fan questions have inspired short stories and extra scenes. I’ve been compiling those, along with other short scenes I’ve written to figure out what other characters are thinking.

Here are some samples of the fan questions I have answered:


State of Things

The turkey is in the oven, the table is set, and the kiddos are coloring place cards. Now I have my first few moments of peace since early this morning. So, first things first, Happy Thanksgiving!

If you need a gravy recipe for later today, I have a great one! Robin’s Easy GravyEasy Gravy


Second, here’s a little update. It’s been…well, a really, really long time. Bad writer, I know (shuffles feet and looks down).

Life has been extraordinarily busy this school year. I’m still teaching high school and college classes in American and British Literature. Additionally, who knew that first and third graders would have so much homework? I’m spending my afternoons I am working on some projects, just slowly. I’m afraid I’ve missed my deadline for Light & Shadows: Watcher Series Shorts and Extras. Being late kills the perfectionist in me (Argh!).  I did complete a 25 page prequel extra with Joshua in Romania with Gabriel, Kez, and Samael. The book is still in the works, it will be out sometime in 2017. I may add a little post-The Fallen extra for those of you who have been asking. If you are dying to have something included, send requests through my contact page.

I am also working on my second Prompt Me book. Here is the cover reveal! (more…)

Fan Question: Character Theme Music

Do you have theme songs for your main characters?

Yes! I am usually listening to music when I write. I have playlists for certain types of scenes, as well as, specific characters.Nexus Playlist

Bowen’s theme music is easy, “Hysteria” by Muse. I listen to this song almost every time I begin to write a Bowen heavy scene. “Hysteria” on Spotify or “Hysteria” on Youtube  (the video itself is no inspiration)

For Joshua, it is “Believe” by The Bravery, especially for the first three books. “Believe” on Spotify or “Believe” on Youtube (again, the video itself is no inspiration)

My theme music for Rosemond and George is “To Build a Home” by The Cinematic Orchestra. I probably listened to this song 150 times while writing Allure. The yearning tone in this is perfect for the novel. To listen on Spotify: click here.

For both The Fallen Part 1 & 2 I have been listening to a lot of Hozier. Spotify.

I also have playlists for some of my books. The Nexus Playlist on Spotify: click here. (more…)

Fan Question: Theme

What do you think is the strongest theme in all of your books?French Coven Crest

If I could only pick one, it would be redemption. That theme is prevalent in every book in the modern timeline, including the one I am finishing.

Can those who have embraced evil become a force of good?

FAN QUESTION: What Have You Taught?

I noticed in your bio that you are a teacher. What classes have you taught?
I have taught several different subjects, but English is the most prevalent on my resume (and my true love, theatre a close second).  Here is a list, most recent on top.  🙂

1. British Literature*
2. American Literature*
3. Shakespeare
4. World Literature
5. Life Skills
6. Beginning Drama
7. Advanced Drama
8. Old Testament
9. Speech

*=10 or more years

I have also taught seminars on theatrical makeup and aromatherapy…not together 😉

You can probably see a few influences in my writing, eh?


So I was reading and Aleria had a dream where she was married to Bowen and she had a ring on.  Ok, so not only do I hope that this comes true (please,please), but I was wondering if you have an idea of what that ring would look like?  Do you have a pic?
Anonymous via TUMBLR vintage_ring

A: Yes, the description was based on a picture of a vintage ring I found.  And, I am writing something new, as well as, editing the prequel, ALLURE, due in September.

FAN QUESTION: Which character do you identify with the most?

Which character do you identify with the most?
Anonymous via TUMBLR

Honestly I identify with all of my characters.  I try to look at everything from each character’s point of view.  They are living and breathing people in my head.  I identify with Joshua’s search to try to find something meaningful to hang onto after experiencing so much loss.  With Gabriel, for his protective instincts and Bowen for rejecting the paths that others want him to take.   And of course, with Ali for always trying to do the right thing and feeling like she gets punished for the tiniest infraction.

If I had to narrow it to one person though, it would be Aleria.  Though, It may because I have spent hundreds of hours in her head.  She is not me, but there are elements of me in her—-and in all of my characters.


Are you a Bowen fan or a Joshua fan? Theoretically if you didn’t know how this series was going to end, who would you want Ali to end up with?


Ummmm…both (shrugging shoulders).  I adore both of them in completely different ways.  There isn’t really a love triangle per-say, but I understand people taking sides.

Bowen is that bad-boy with an air of mystery.  Despite being the “bad guy” he does have a sense of honor.  He genuinely cares for Aleria.

Joshua represents safety and home.  I was chatting with Trudreamr, who runs my fan site, and she said this: “I am more drawn to Bowen.  I like Bowen more, but if I was choosing someone for Ali, I choose Josh for her.”  This too, is a valid thought.  I must note at this point her friend Sarah chimed in and said she was team Peter and fist pumped in the air.

So, in response I am going to say that I am a Gabriel fan.  I know, I’m evil.  I seriously couldn’t choose.  I do know how the series is going to end…and I can’t promise she will end up with anyone.  How is that for a non-answer?

FAN QUESTION: Why so many friends?

Hi Ms. Woods. I’m on your first book and I’m really enjoying it so far. But I gotta ask, why does Aleria have so many flipping friends?! There’s a Kay and a Kaela. Are they the same person?

Anonymous via TUMBLR

The answer is actually pretty simple.  I had said that people are drawn to her and that she is a leader.  If she didn’t have lots of friends I felt it would be a kind of an empty characteristic.  I have read many books where the protagonist is dubbed a “leader,” but only has two friends.  I wanted to show not just say it.The Unintended HiRez

Now, that being said, it was my first novel.  If I was doing it again, I would probably have cut two and developed Kaela and Marie a little more.  But throughout the novel she is actually pulling away from her group of friends in order to protect them.  The friends aren’t actually the focus.  The fact that she has many is significant (people being drawn to her becomes more significant in future books).

As far as the similarity in names, I was going for reality.  In high school, two of my closest friends were Darcy and Marcy—no, I’m not kidding.  And Kay and Kaela are not the same person.


NOTE: In an updated version (2.5 in Dec. 2015), Aleria has fewer friends. Kay and Maggie were combined to become Breanna. In addition, Angela and Kathleen were merged to create April.

FAN QUESTION: Will you ever write short stories?

Will you ever write any short stories?
AnonymousAllure Cover (Small)

I may at some point.  I have a difficulty with short sometimes.  In fact, I intended ALLURE to be a novella (20,000-40,000 words).  It ended up organically growing into much more, both in word count and story.  I’m glad that I didn’t stick to my original plan.  I am proud of the way it turned out.  The total word count was 82,000 words.