FAN QUESTION: Which character do you identify with the most?

Which character do you identify with the most?
Anonymous via TUMBLR

Honestly I identify with all of my characters.  I try to look at everything from each character’s point of view.  They are living and breathing people in my head.  I identify with Joshua’s search to try to find something meaningful to hang onto after experiencing so much loss.  With Gabriel, for his protective instincts and Bowen for rejecting the paths that others want him to take.   And of course, with Ali for always trying to do the right thing and feeling like she gets punished for the tiniest infraction.

If I had to narrow it to one person though, it would be Aleria.  Though, It may because I have spent hundreds of hours in her head.  She is not me, but there are elements of me in her—-and in all of my characters.

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