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Favorite Interviews and Guest Appearances

Village House Books signing in Los Gatos, CA

Book Reviews, Guest Posts, & More

The Watcher Series lands in The World’s Video Wiki’s “10 Vampire Series Bursting With Tension” list. Woo hoo! (June 2019)

Guest Post: Village House of Books Blog (April 2015). Click here.

The Indie Shelf review of The Nexus (2012). Click here.

Lemon Drop Literary’s review of Prompt Me Again.

Featured in Content Magazine in 2013.  A magazine dedicated to the creative culture of San Jose, CA.

Author Interviews

Lemon Drop Literary (Nov 2018) Click here.

Village House of Books in Los Gatos, CA. (details here via Village House)

Character Interview with Tyran by Tamar Hela (March 2015). Click here.

Interview by Tamar Hela (March 2015). Click here.

The Hammock interview by Claudia Arroyo Valdez where I show off my sass (Jan 2015). Click here.

Interview by A.C. James on Teaching, Insomnia, & Writing.  Click here.

Five Question Friday!  My fan site hosted a series of mini-interviews.  Click here.

Interview by Tamar Hela about writing and The Unintended (2012).  Click here.


Judge of the Authors All Around Event (May 2014).

Interview by Tamar Hela about Allure (2013). Click here.

Judge and part of the Author Meet & Greet at Authors All Around Event (May 2013)

Doing a reading at Content Live! A Content Magazine function at an art gallery in downtown San Jose, CA. It was exciting and a little terrifying.

Robin Reading5-12ContentLive

My Interviews with Other Authors

Children’s Author Ellwyn Autumn (Dec 2018)

Brooke E. Wayne author of the Vineyard Pleasures Series (July 2017)

Camilla Ochlan and Bonita Gutierrez Interview (May 2017)

BMB Johnson (April 2017)

C.F. Waller (February 2016)

Janet Elizabeth Henderson Rom-Com writer of multiple best-selling series (October 2015)

Kathleen Ann Gonzalez (June 2015)

Lauren Lynne author of The Secret Watcher Series and The Recalcitrant Project (April 2015)

Braxton Cosby (March 2015)

Heather Hildenbrand author of The Dirty Blood Series and Clone Chronicles Series (March 2015)

Tamar Hela author of the Spirit Lake Series (January 2015)

Roy Sakelson author of The Heroes of Valmar Series (January 2015)

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