Author Interview: Brooke E. Wayne

Welcome to my blog interview with novelist, Brooke. E. Wayne, author of Whine with Cheese (Vineyard Pleasures Series, #1). This interview is especially exciting because Brooke is one of my dear friends. We both dreamed of becoming writers when we were young, and when we were in college together, we were always spinning ideas while on our adventures (shocking for English majors, I know). After graduation we traveled all over Europe and the UK together packing away ideas for the future. Now, I have the pleasure of seeing her dream unfold.

BROOKE E. WAYNE is a Contemporary Romantic Comedy novelist who lives the RomCom dream in California. She is married to a South Philly, Eagles-obsessed Italian who she met online before it was cool. They have two young daughters who flood their happily-ever-after lives with girly giggles and immeasurable love. When she is not dribbling sticky sweet/sensual romance with a lighthearted, witty twist all over the pages of a RomCom manuscript, she teaches English Language Arts.

Hello, Brooke, 

What inspired you to write your first book?

Apart from poetry, which I’d been scratching out since I was a wee lil girl, I actually wrote my first “novel” when I was eleven. On lined paper. In pencil. All eighty-seven pages of it. Bahaha. The MC [main character]  falls into a portal and goes on a crazy adventure with her older self as a mentor. My inspiration—the 1981 Terry Gilliam movie, Time Bandits. Of course, even at eleven-years-old, I made sure the new cute boy in town moved in across the street from her in the end. Yay, romance!

What genre do you consider your book(s)? 

I write Contemporary Romance with Humor aka Romantic Comedy. While romance novels tend to evoke lots of page-turning swoon and images of severed-headed, naked torsos (see 99% of all romance novel covers), I actually endeavored to write a really sexy book without any actual descriptive sex in it. Oh, it’s swoony, but it’s not get-my-ass-fired swoony. I like my day job. (Teacher, eep.)

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

I’m one of those weirdo writers who like it quiet when I write. I even keep a pair of earplugs tucked away in the sleeve of my binder if the sound of me pecking away at my keyboard starts to drive me nuts. If I need music to wrap my emotions around a scene, I’ll listen to a song first, then go into silent mode and write. Another quirk … the binder. I dive into novel writing with an organized mess. I load a binder up with a synopsis, detailed chapter outlines, locations, including diagrams of rooms, characters, random-middle-of-the-night-gotta-write-it-down-scenes, context norms, marketing plan notes, resources, you name it. Pantster? You betcha.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp? 

One of the characters in Whine with Cheese goes into a rant about true love that struck me as pretty profound once I stepped back from my writing and tried to figure out what he was really talking about. I suppose you could call it his message. It eventually became his anthem and a plot-point for my next book that revolves around his journey.

His message: “…Wouldn’t it make more sense to fall in love with someone because you truly loved everything about that person, not just how he made you feel, if it was authentic love?” Writing romance is tricky. Insta-love isn’t real. It also makes for a boring plot. Everyone has a different reason for falling in love with someone, even imaginary people. His point is, love the person for who he/she is not for that person’s mad skills in making you feel something. Warm fuzzies-induced infatuation, sure. Bring it. True love, not so much.

Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life? 

Whine with Cheese is the product of my wild imagination running all over the place, but I did seed it with snapshots of my trip to Europe with you when we were twenty-five. ((hugs)) A particular hotel in Paris is going to seem awfully familiar…

What book are you reading now? 

I just started reading, Buns, by Alice Clayton. Last week I read Dating-ish by Penny Reid. I consume about a novel a week.

When I’m not writing romance, I’m reading romance. I love everything by Penny Reid and Alice Clayton. Julia Kent can literally make me laugh so hard I cry. Some of Emma Chase’s books are so well-written, I’ve reread them over and over. My favorite authors’ list is a mile long. Some are indies, some aren’t. I’m all about the ROMCOMs.

What are your current projects? 
I’m in the triple-digit page count on my next novel, Love the Wine You’re With, a stand-alone spin-off of Whine with Cheese. It will be released around the holidays. I am also gathering my “binder materials” for two five-book series. Those ten books started taking shape over the last year.

What is your favorite motivational phrase or positive saying?

Yoda’s “Do or do not. There is no try.” That’s some sweeeet advice right there.

That is good advice. 🙂


As an aside, I finished reading my ARC [Advanced Reader Copy] of Brooke’s book earlier this week. If you enjoy RomComs, you will love Whine with Cheese. It is fun and flirtywith a side of snark. When Maxine dumps her cheating boyfriend, she goes on a entertaining journey to find herself … and love.


THIS OR THAT—The Speed Round

Writing during the night or writing during the day? NIGHT

Writing from home or someplace else? HOME

Reading a ebook or print? EBOOK

Buy books online or buy in a bookstore? ONLINE

Weather: Hot or Cold? COLD

Music or Silence? SILENCE

Classic Fairy tales or Fairy tale retellings? FAIRY TALE RETELLINGS

Chocolate or Vanilla? CHOCOLATE (and Caramel)

The Beach or The Mountains? THE BEACH

The World being taken over my zombies or sexy blood sucking vampires? SEXY BLOOD SUCKING VAMPIRES

Time travel to the future or past? PAST

Facebook or twitter? TWITTER

Being able to fly or being able to go invisible? FLY

Bookmark or Dog eared? BOOKMARK

1st character POV or 3rd character POV? DEEP 3rd POV (for now)

City or Country? CITY

Pen or Pencil? PEN

Polk-a-dots or Stripes? POLKA DOTS!!!

Pancakes or Waffles? WAFFLES

Books or Movies? BOOKS

Coffee or Tea? YES, PLEASE, but if I had to choose one, COFFEE

Elbows the size of pumpkins or knees the size of watermelons? ELBOWS THE SIZE OF PUMPKINS


How can readers discover more about you and you work?





Twitter: @brookeewayne



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