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Prompt Me: Creative Writing Journal & Workbook

Prompt Me by Robin Woods Front CoverA large variety of creative writing prompts for maximum inspiration.

  • Story Starters
  • Fill-In the Blank
  • Dialogue Prompts
  • Self-Discovery Topics
  • Use This Phrase
  • Chart It
  • And more!Plus valuable reference resources.

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Prompt Me More: Creative Writing Journal & Workbook

An all new set of inspirational prompts.

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Prompt Me Sci-Fi & Fantasy: Creative Writing Workbook & Journal

Prompt Me Sci-Fi & Fantasy (1)A treasure trove of all new prompts for sci-fi & fantasy fans. Everything from photo prompts, to first person, to third person, to fill-in chart and much more. All geared to maximize your inspiration. Lists of synonyms and master lists are in the back. Who couldn’t use a list of legendary creatures?

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Fiction Writing Journal & Workbook

Fiction Writing Workbook & Journal by Robin Woods“This workbook provides a space for you to journal ideas and thoughts for your next–or first–best seller. Robin not only shares her knowledge gained by years of experience, but thoughtfully gives space for writers to reflect and hand-write their ideas and moments of inspiration.” –author and editor Tamar Hela

Writing a first draft can be daunting. This workbook provides guidance for key elements of fiction writing that help create a cohesive novel. Additionally, it gives writers powerful reference resources to create an emotionally authentic work and the space to hash it all out in one, easy-to-carry book.

Workbook sections include:Fiction Writing Back Cover (2 sharp)

  • Brainstorm and outlining
  • Plotting and the “Tent Pole” Method
  • Character Worksheets
  • Conflict
  • Setting
  • Lined pages for easy journaling
  • And more!

Reference sections include:

  • Common publishing terms and abbreviations
  • Using numerals in text
  • Clichés and newbie errors
  • Symbols and symbolism
  • Synonyms
  • Self-editing checklist and beta readers
  • And more!

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Page samples.


The Unintended: The Watcher Series Book One

The Unintended HiRez

Cover Art by Vera Kyle Walker

After breaking up with her boyfriend, seventeen-year old Aleria “Ali” Hayes finally feels liberated. Unfortunately, her ex’s buddies are not making it easy on her. When his friends harass her one night, a mysterious stranger, Bowen, steps in to rescue her. But just as this new relationship seems to be taking off, Ali is attacked by something far worse than spiteful high school boys. When she awakes, her eyes are opened to a world where gods still walk the earth, where vampires and other immortals fight for supremacy— and where fate may be stronger than free will. Now, Ali must decide who she can trust, and whether the world of mortals is worth saving at all.

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Read the first six chapters on Wattpad: Wattpad
Download an extended PDF sample: The Unintended by Robin Woods Extended Sample

The Nexus: The Watcher Series Book Two


Cover Art by Vera Kyle Walker

Sometimes the most frightening secrets are those we keep from ourselves. With her eyes now open to the world of immortals, Ali Hayes realizes that there is more to the ancient power struggle between Vampires and Watchers than she ever thought possible. When a surprise informant reveals the French Coven is closing in on her and those she loves, she also learns things about herself that she cannot fully explain. Will the secrets she uncovers change the balance of power—or simply awaken things that should have been left undisturbed?

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Download a PDF sample here: The Nexus by Robin Woods First 50 PagesThe Nexus by Robin Woods first 50 pages 2018
Read the first 50 pages on Wattpad

The Sacrifice: The Watcher Series Book Three

Cover for The Sacrifice

Cover Art by Vera Kyle Walker

Whom can you trust—if trusting yourself is not an option? After being held captive for months by the French Coven, Ali Hayes escapes only to find that her world has turned upside down. The Watchers, who once trusted her without question, now eye her return with suspicion. But when Ali reveals a secret communication from an unlikely source, they soon realize that Queen Agrona’s plans are more wicked than anyone dared imagine. Now Ali has to contend with dark forces—both from within and without—if she is to save the world from the evil that promises to overwhelm it.

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Download a PDF sample here: THe Sacrifice by Robin Woods First 50
Read the first 50 pages on Wattpad.

Allure: A Watcher Series Prequel

Allure Cover (Small)

Cover Art by Vera Kyle Walker

As America tries to forget the horrors of the Great War by embracing jazz, flappers, and the speakeasy, the Watchers remain vigilant by protecting the innocent and maintaining order among the Immortals—including a powerful line of Seers who are all but extinct. But the real horror is just beginning. When George Yates is ordered to escort the beautiful Rosemond Le Clair to safety, he finds himself in the middle of an ancient feud that demands her blood. Without the Watchers’ help, he must struggle to protect the last remaining daughter of the Le Clair family from these dark powers, even as he defies fate itself.

Note: There are vampires in this novel, but they are not the focus like the other books in the series.  The focus is on the human characters.  I recommend reading this book after The Nexus.

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Download the first 50 pages in a PDF.  Allure by Robin Woods First 50 pages 2018
Read the first 50 pages on Wattpad.

The Fallen: Part One: The Watcher Series Book Four

Cover Art by Kyle Walker

Cover Art by Vera Kyle Walker

Ambushed by the French coven, Aleria is taken captive by old foes and learns that Dagan’s last words have proven eerily prophetic: the Fallen are coming—and she doesn’t have the power to stop them. Now, as she tries to unite humans and vampires against this new threat, she realizes that the hatred that they have for one another might be the greatest enemy of all. Will they stand together or die alone?

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Download the first 50 pages in a PDF. TheFallenPartOne_byRobinWoods_First50
Read the first 50 pages on Wattpad.

The Fallen: Part Two: The Watcher Series Book Five

Cover Art by Kyle Walker

Cover Art by Vera Kyle Walker

Betrayed by the person she trusted most, Aleria breaks away from the safety of the Watchers only to become more entangled in the endgame of the Fallen. But fallen angels aren’t the only threat. As Aleria’s visions become something else entirely, mutiny threatens the new king of the French coven, jeopardizing the delicate truce between vampire and humankind.

Now separated from Aleria, desperation pushes Gabriel to join forces with an unlikely ally as he tries to manage the chaos in his own ranks.  But he must remain focused on one objective: stop Semjâzâ before he can enslave the world. The stage is set for an all or nothing battle to defeat the Fallen once and for all.

Download the first 50 pages in a PDF. TheFallenPartTwo_by_Robin_Woods_First50
Coming Soon

Light & Shadows: The Extras

Coming in late 2018

A compilation of previously released extras and new ones.

Partial Chapter Listing:
Reemergence: Rosemond’s walks with Joshua (Allure/The Unintended Crossover)
The Strigoi: Joshua’s Point of View: Romania before The Unintended
Remain in Shadow: Joshua’s Point of View: Beginning of The Unintended
Intolerable: A Brotherly Reunion
Ali’s Letter to Joshua: The Nexus
The Price: Bowen’s Point of View: The Nexus
Not Yours: Bowen’s Point of View
Forever: Bowen’s Point of View
Plus more!