Storm & Solace Extras

Get nerdy and explore the world of Storm and Solace with the Extras & Behind the Scenes of your new favorite fairy tale. Beauty & the Beast + Role Swap + Vikings = A riveting twist on a classic that will keep you glued to the page.

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Storm and Solace spent weeks as a TOP FAVED on Kindle Vella.

Storm and Solace Full Cover

There are a few Easter eggs on the cover. The wolf and dragon are easy, but can you find Inga? Nott? Saxa? In addition to the carrier pigeon, fox, and bee, of course. I’m so happy all the animals made it onto the cover.

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Storm and Solace Characters

Book Club Questions

Print this and use it to aid your book club discussions. Note, there is a character list on the second page that may be helpful while reading.

Book Club Questions PDF via Google Drive

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Maps, Heck Yeah!

Books with maps are better, right? Here are the final versions of the maps in the physical book, as well as, an early draft.

More to Come!

More extras to come! Check back later. Thanks for reading! 😀

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