The Fallen: Part One

Light & Shadow

Well, it’s official. I’ve been working hard to finally finish Light & Shadow: The Watcher Series Shorts and Extras. And, dum duh du dah, here is the cover. See? It’s really happening!

And some lucky fans can have a scene written to answer their burning questions. See how below.

Through the years, some fan questions have inspired short stories and extra scenes. I’ve been compiling those, along with other short scenes I’ve written to figure out what other characters are thinking.

Here are some samples of the fan questions I have answered:



So I was reading and Aleria had a dream where she was married to Bowen and she had a ring on.  Ok, so not only do I hope that this comes true (please,please), but I was wondering if you have an idea of what that ring would look like?  Do you have a pic?
Anonymous via TUMBLR vintage_ring

A: Yes, the description was based on a picture of a vintage ring I found.  And, I am writing something new, as well as, editing the prequel, ALLURE, due in September.