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Guest Post: Yoga for Writers—Release

By Sarah Nelsen

Yoga for Writers

I would like to welcome my dear friend, Sarah Nelsen, to my blog for the the final installment of our three part series, Yoga for Writers (or really anyone who works at a desk). Sarah is an expert in restorative yoga and she has some fabulous tricks to help you be kind to your body and refresh your brain. When you take a proper break, you will get more done. So, without further ado, Yoga for Writers—Release

These modules can be done in any order, but If you missed one of them, here are the links:
Part 1: Yoga for Writers—Rest
Part 2: Yoga for Writers—Refresh
Part 3: Yoga for Writers—Release (Keep reading and bookmark it for later)

Working at a Desk is Hard on the Body

Scenario: You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and think it’s your mom, but it’s you. You wonder when your shoulders got so rounded. You’re starting to complain about the same aches and pains your mom had…stiff fingers, jaw tension, hips that feel like they need to be oiled.

Could it be that you’re spending too much time seated at the computer? Is there anything that can reverse what feels like the downward spiral of aging?  Well, I don’t know if I can make that big of a promise, but I can share with you a short yoga practice that helps release the neck, shoulders, hands and feet and may have you sitting up with a bit more confidence and ease! 

Why Release?