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Guest Post: Yoga for Writers—Rest

By Sarah Nelsen

I would like to welcome my dear friend, Sarah Nelsen, to my blog. This is part one of a three part series: Yoga for Writers. Post one is focused on the need to take short breaks to rest so that we can optimize our productivity and increase our creativity. If you work at a desk, you need Yoga for Writers—Rest.

These modules can be done in any order, but If you missed one of them, here are the links:
Part 1: Yoga for Writers—Rest (This post)
Part 2: Yoga for Writers—Refresh
Part 3: Yoga for Writers—Release

Sarah is one of the kindest and most gentle spirits of anyone I have ever met. When I pitched the idea of writing a few posts specifically designed to help writers, she jumped at the chance. I am so grateful for her heart to help people. She is a multi-certified instructor with a wealth of knowledge.

Read on to see the importance of rest breaks or just skip to the short video and get to it.