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Writing: Other Words for Said and Walk

Synonyms help prevent your reader from getting bored.  In the book I read last week, the author had every single character “push to their feet” at least three times in each chapter.  I started getting annoyed by the tenth time.  The characters never rose to their feet, eased, or even shoved.  And seriously, if you are standing up, why does the author have to mention feet almost every time?  Isn’t it implied they are on their feet?  Nope, they all pushed to their feet.  Anyway, I digress.

Do you need to use synonyms every single time? No, but avoiding that type of repetition will not only make your manuscript more interesting and precise.  Great writers choose specific words that create impact.  It is worth taking the time to find the perfect word.


Here is a PDF for personal use: Other Words for SAID & WALK

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