Prompt Me Horror & Thriller

This past March I attended my first convention as a vendor and asked for suggestions as to what my next topic should be—the winner? Horror. This book is packed full of a large variety of styles of prompts, not just traditional story starters.

I have included one of the story helping generators I created for the workbook below (and a photo prompt). So dive in and have some fun writing some creepy stories just in time for Halloween!

PROMPT ME HORROR & THRILLER by Robin Woods #creativewriting #writingprompts #amwriting

Are you a budding Stephen King or want to be? Whether you are an adult or teen, this book is for you. It has hundreds of prompts and a healthy amount of charts and references to help ignite your creativity.

PROMPT ME HORROR & THRILLER by Robin Woods #creativewriting #writingprompts #amwriting

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This workbook is great for:

  • Writers who need to banish writer’s block 
    Teachers who need bell activities
  • Someone who wants daily writing prompts
  • Homeschool parents who want fun curriculum
  • Screenwriters who want inspiration for scripts
  • People who need a gift for a writer or English teacher
  • Anyone who wants to ignite creativity and improve writing
  • This workbook is clean enough for teens and sophisticated for seasoned writers.

Here is a sample page. What is your nightmare?

Nightmare Generator from PROMPT ME HORROR & THRILLER by Robin Woods #writingprompts #creativewriting

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The Prompt Me Series by Robin Woods. Prompt books to ignite creativity.

Here is a sample story using the photo prompt from below. What would you write?

Writing prompt and sample story by Robin Woods from PROMPT ME HORROR & THRILLER
Photo Writing prompt by Robin Woods from PROMPT ME HORROR & THRILLER
This is the back cover of Prompt Me Horror & Thriller Creative Writing Workbook & Journal
Back Cover of Prompt Me Horror & Thriller: Creative Writing Workbook & Journal
PROMPT ME HORROR & THRILLER by Robin Woods. A large variety of creative writing prompts to ignite creativity and banish writer's block. Clean enough for teens and sophisticated enough for seasoned writers.

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