New Release: Prompt Me Reading Log & Analysis

This last school year I took on a new endeavor: homeschooling two elementary kids. Overall, it went really well, but there was one area of frustration. My kids hated answering lists of questions and didn’t always want to discuss the chapters they’d read. My solution? I wrote a book.

Prompt Me Reading Log & Analysis by Robin Woods

Drawing on my two and a half decades of classroom experience teaching literature–I came up with several prototypes using my kiddos for guinea pigs. Don’t worry no harm came to any children. ;o)

My kids both love making lists and drawing pictures. So, I incorporated what not only my children like, but also what worked in my high school classroom.

There’s room to log 10 books chapter-by-chapter. And, you never have to chase a bunch of papers around! All their notes stay in this easy to use workbook.

Prompt Me Reading Log & Analysis by Robin Woods | Sample pages

What was amazing was how easily discussion came from their stick figure drawings. When I asked them about why they drew something a certain way, conversation flowed and I could teach without being teachery. I call that a huge win.

“…how easily discussion came from their stick figure drawings.”

And did I mention that I no longer had to chase papers around? Ha. Controlling the mess AND not losing papers is glorious! (Heavenly choral music booms in the background).

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In addition to the sections to log setting, characters, and chapters, there are close-ups to important literary terms with illustrations, ideas for projects, vocabulary lists, discussion questions, words to improve discussions, annotations, and more. All for the price of two Starbucks.

Author Tamar Hela created the content for two of the literary close-ups and they are funny!

This workbook is great for:
* Homeschooling
* Literature classes
* Prepping for discussions
* Someone who wants to read a book like a teacher and take notes
* Or maybe you just like to journal and draw when you read

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