Bad Habits for Characters

No one is perfect, especially your characters. Use these handy lists to get inspired to mess someone up. Ummm, I mean, give your characters relatable flaws. Without further ado, here are your bad habits for characters lists. 😀

Character Bad Habits

Should all my characters have a bad habit? Yes. Even your hero should have some flaws. Some can be tiny, others gaping fissures, but no one on this planet is without flaw.

These lists will help you add a little edge to your characters. And, if you sign up for my mailing list, you will get access to my Writer’s Tool Kit with two more bad habits for characters lists for free.

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Bad Habits Printable PDF

I love printing lists (and sometimes laminating them. Ahem.) If you ever have your mind go blank, scan over some lists of synonyms, strong verbs, and the like to kick your brain back in gear. It’s a simple trick and it works.

An aside, laminated writing lists make great gifts for writers, English teachers, or homeschoolers. Yes, I am a nerd and proud of it.

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