Favorite Writer Gifts

As I update Christmas lists and unearth presents squirreled away in the depths of the closet, it got me thinking about my favorite writer gifts. Gift giving is definitely one of my love languages. I spend hours making gifts for others and I especially love combining thoughtful with practical.

I make cheat sheets for myself for everything and I have friends and family who always reference them (word lists, Instant Pot recipes, smoker recipes). So, this year, I made some of my cheat sheets pretty and busted out my lamination machine and presto, another set of gifts done. I buy gifts too, but I love having some personal items too.

If you have a writer in your life or need a gift for your student’s English teacher (or someone bookish). Here are a few of the favorite gifts I have received. Note: I have NOT been paid for any of these suggestions. These are items I actually own. I am using Amazon Affiliate links for a few. It won’t cost you a thing (and a tiny percentage will go towards my blogging and writing efforts). I appreciate it when you use the provided links.

Reading Pillows & Book Sleeves

I love supporting small businesses and have become obsessed with Reading Pillows from Book Beau. I also have multiple book sleeves for not only my books, but devices too.

Mug Warmer

This mug warmer has four temperature settings to keep your coffee or tea the perfect temperature. My husband gave me one a few years back and it has been used on a daily basis ever since. Love, love, love.


This 24 Pack of Kraft Notebooks is a favorite. They are the perfect size to jam into your bag and I love decorating the covers for different Projects. They are not lined and I love the freedom to sketch and make charts.

Book Washi Tape

As I just mentioned I love decorating the covers of my journals. I was given this Japanese Washi Tape and fell in love. The picture doesn’t do it justice.

I also use it around mailing labels, on blank thank you cards, and to embellish boxes for my writing supplies.

Pens for Easy Writing

I’m addicted to pens and prefer clicky pens without caps (mostly because I always drop them on the floor and have to scramble to find them).


When you sign up for my newsletter, you get THE STRIGOI: A WATCHER SERIES VAMPIRE CHRONICLE for free. Don’t worry, I won’t sell your address or spam you.

Action | Adventure | Vampires | Awesomeness

Books on Writing


If you want to inspire a writer, give them a gorgeous book with truly amazing language. I’ve given his books to non-poetry people and they have loved them. I’ve followed this author since the days he built up his audience on Tumblr. Did that just date me?

Anyway, if you love language, get this for yourself too.

Illumination by Tyler Knott Gregson

Essential Oil Diffuser

I love this inexpensive diffuser. The sense of smell is powerful not only for memory, but also for inspiration. I use essential oils to keep me in the moment. If I’m writing something cozy, I’ll use cinnamon and clove. Something outdoorsy, I’ll diffuse something floral or maybe pine.

It’s also great if I have a cold and can use it to help me breathe. Ha. Here’s an oil starter set. Make sure you use therapeutic grade. You don’t want to breathe in toxins from synthetics.

Vertical Mouse

As someone who has had to have carpal tunnel surgery, hand care is a must. This vertical mouse helps keep my hand in the proper position and eases fatigue.

Yes, it does look weird. Ha. But it is so comfortable to use!

KDROI v2 Software Extension

KDROI Software Extension is a HUGE time saver for authors. I’m currently running a sale on one of my novels and was able to submit it to 32 book promo sites in under 5 minutes. I would spend hours submitting it to just over a dozen before. So this is definitely an amazing gift. I was also able to download all my reviews for an individual book into a single spreadsheet in minutes. It’s interesting analyzing the reviews in this format.

KDROI v2 is a marketing companion that helps grow your book sales. Following the 80/20 principles of book marketing, KDROI assists you in improving your book through Qualitative Analysis, submitting book promotions, generating 1000+ profitable keywords for AMS & gathering genuine reader reviews.

Prompt Me Series Under $10

Okay, these are my books, but they legitimately make great gifts. Check out the Prompt Me Series.

  • Story starters
  • Photo prompts
  • Word lists
  • Tips and tricks
  • And more
Prompt Me Series Covers


I almost forgot! I have a few fun items over in my Etsy shop including this shirt (you can also get a tote or sticker).

To Quote Shakespeare, “No.” Hamlet III.iii.87

Visit my shop here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/RobinWoodsFiction

Author Appearance, Workshop, & New Book

Have you ever wanted to sit in on one of my writing classes? Well, here is your chance. I’m going to be at the Florence Festival of Books on Saturday, September 23rd. Join me at my author appearance, writing workshop, and grab a copy of my new book.

Angry Word List

Is your character angry? Use the Other Words for ANGER WORD LIST to add depth and specificity to that anger.

Writing Pep Talk

Writing regularly takes diligence…and people leaving you alone. Here are twelve encouragements/reminders to get you writing again.

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