One Link to Rule Them All

Fabulous time savers for busy writers (and other media professionals). Make life easier by minimizing the places you need to go to update links. One link to rule them all.

I admit it. I’m a teensy bit behind. I’ve been seeing all sorts of new links all over the place and hadn’t really paid attention in my mad dash to finish editing my latest novel (which turned out beautifully by the way). While helping with the herculean task of launching my book, I was searching for ways to streamline this process.

Is there really one link to rule them all? I wish I could say, heck yeah!! But alas, I can’t.

BUT I can say one for your social media platforms and one for your book links. Two links to rule them all didn’t sound as exciting (or as Tolkien). So, let’s move on and look at minimizing your upkeep and save you some time.

NOTE: I was NOT paid for any of the information in this post, I simply like the products.


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One Link to Rule Social Media

My FAVORITE discovery is LinkTree. Quite literally, you can connect all your social media platforms and content to one link. That means that you can post that ONE link on your profiles for Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, YouTube, OverShare, and MindLost (okay, the last two are fake, but you get the point).

Why is this so awesome? When you need to update your links, you only need to update ONE place. You will never have a bad link again. Unless, of course, you forget to update your precious…Link Tree that is.

If you have a new podcast, novel, or video that you want to highlight, post it to your Link Tree. When I added the link to the pre-orders page for my new novel, Link Tree was already aware of what it was and added the copy for me.

There is a similar product rising through the ranks, but I have not checked it out yet, but here is the link to HYPAGE if you would like to do your due diligence. They also have a FREE plan.

This is what mine currently looks like. I want my new book to be the most visible, so it’s at the top. In a month, I may want something else there.

Click here to see my link tree:

Want your own? Click the logo at the bottom of the tree and you can setup your own for FREE. Did I mention that? The Basic Plan is free. Woo hoo!

They have paid plans with advanced features, but I’m running with the freebie for now.

One Universal Link for Books

This is what my Storm and Solace page looks like.

If you are an author and want to simplify your link life—use an universal link. It is much like a link tree in that, you can post the universal link everywhere and only need to update one source. Or, as Books2Read says, “One link for every reader everywhere.”

For example, if you click on my universal link for Storm and Solace, you will see every outlet my book is available to date. Click here now to view mine as a sample:

How do you get a universal link for your book?

  • Create a FREE account with Draft2Digital
    You can use their tools for free, even if you don’t publish through their aggregator. They want to support the indie and small pub community. You can read a detailed review by Kindlepreneur here.
  • You will automatically receive a FREE account with Books2Read
    This is where you will get your universal link and author page with no ads or distractions. Now I can post these links and they will automatically update everywhere (whenever I add new links).
  • See pic below for an example of the Books2Read universal link dashboard.
Sample Universal Link Dashboard via Books2Read
  • Being a member of Draft2Digital has other perks like an author page, book tabs, and they vet some other resources. You can see a list of their partners here.
  • Below is a screenshot of my FREE author page. If you don’t have a website, this could be a quick fix. If you do, it’s still useful because links are universal.
    Note: Books can only be listed if there are a digital versions. I have ten creative writing workbooks that are only available via hardcopy and won’t show up on this particular author page.
Sample Author Page from Books2Read

You can check out my Books2Read Author Page here.


There is no perfect way to do everything. But setting up an infrastructure with universal links is a wonderful way to streamline and make updates less painful. Maybe someday there will truly be one link to rule them all, but as for today, minimizing the agony of link management will help.

Do you have a favorite way to simplify your workload? Share it with me in the comments or on social media. Thanks for reading!


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