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It is finally happening! I’m releasing new fiction!! Woo hoo! Cue the fireworks! I give you Storm & Solace, a role-reversal Beauty & the Beast mashup that takes place in the Viking era. Storm & Solace is now available on Kindle Vella.

In this role-swapping mashup, Saxa is stripped of her powers and cursed by her two sisters. She has twelve weeks to change her ways or lose everything—including her life. 

Brandr, shipwrecked after a terrible storm, is swept into the world of gods and goddesses. When he trades his life for his brother's, he sentences himself to a world he knows nothing about. 

When their paths collide, nothing is as it seems. Who will survive this game of immortals?

Exciting New Format

I’ve decided to release Storm & Solace on a new platform called Kindle Vella. Now this is where it gets exciting. I’m not finished with the book yet, but I can start releasing it because with Kindle Vella, you release it one episode at a time.

So, Vella is more like a magazine that gives you a new chapter inside each issue (or maybe a podcast if that analogy works better).

Why This is Exciting

First, you don’t have to wait. The first episodes are already out. My plan is to release one episode every 5-7 days and my editor is ready to help me accomplish that. I’m keeping five weeks ahead of what’s out in case I want to tinker and add details. If I write faster, I will release them faster, too.

The best way to get me to write faster is to LIKE and CROWN Storm & Solace (see below for info). Seriously, there is nothing more motivating than people reading.

Second, Vella has a cool feature. At the end of each episode, we authors can add notes to make it more personal and interactive. I’ve included behind the scenes info, fun facts, and inspiration in my notes so far.

You could even have an impact on how some stories end by participating with the author on social media.

Once a week, I will check the hashtag #stormandsolacechat

Please let me hear your feels! I’m on Twitter and Instagram the most. If I’m quiet, it’s because I’m writing. 😀

Storm & Solace Map

I started this map on a napkin in order to keep things straight while I was writing. Recently, I decided to make it pretty and share it with all of you. I know I’m a super nerd for spending the extra time on it, but I’m pleased with how it turned out. It was my first time drawing a map.

Do you like maps as much as I do? Do you find them helpful? #storm&solacechat

How Kindle Vella Works

There’s no risk in checking it out.

So, here’s the break down in list format:

  1. Find my story and FOLLOW it. (This will make it appear on your Kindle App)
  2. You can read it online or on your Kindle App.
  3. Give the story a THUMBS Up or LIKE at the end of each episode.
  4. CROWN your favorite story each week.

The only way for authors to gain any traction on this platform is to receive LIKES and CROWNS. So, please, please support by liking and crowning.

This is new and evolving, so I may update this from time to time. I’m figuring it out too! 🙂

But I Don’t Have a Kindle

No worries if you don’t have a Kindle. You can read one of two ways.

  1. Read on your browser online.
  2. Download the FREE Kindle app.

Here are the links to all Kindle Apps: All Kindle Apps| Kindle App for Android | Kindle for Mac |Kindle for PC | Kindle for iPhone | Kindle for Google Play

Want a Tradidtional Format?

Pre-order the book here:

I Need Your Support

Even if you don’t have time to read an episode right this moment, please click on the link and follow Storm & Solace. Follows, likes, and crowns are absolutely critical for this project to succeed.

Thanks in advance for your help. I am always grateful and humbled by the support.

Cheers, Robin


I’ve been TOP FAVED for a couple weeks now. THANK YOU!!

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