New Watcher Series Book

New Book, Hardbacks, & Watcher Apparel

We are celebrating the new Watcher Series book with hardback editions and apparel.

New Book

Have you been missing the Watcher Series? Do you want your burning questions about the series answered? I saved fan questions for years and have answered many of them by writing short stories and extra scenes.

And for those of you who loved drunk Tyran in The Fallen, I give you fake drunk Tyran:

“Smithy,” he slurred. “I have a job for you.” Then he seemed to take note of the extra men. “I didn’t realize you had company.” He stumbled backwards teetering and landing squarely on his backside while hoisting the wine up to prevent a spill. He laughed at his success. “See, I have not had too much to drink, observe.” He grinned at the vessel of wine again, taking another swig. Then, he loudly whispered to the wine, “That barmaid was wrong. I am handsome and I can clearly drink more.”

Fake drunk Tyran in LIGHT & SHADOW’S “One Loved”
Light & Shadow by Robin Woods is the new addition to the Watcher Series.

Light & Shadow is now available on Kindle and in paperback.

If you could please use the links on my site to purchase, that would be awesome. I will get a tiny affiliate fee and it won’t cost you anything.

Hardback 2021 Editions

Additionally, I have been working with my publisher on hardback versions of the whole series. I’m super excited about this prospect. I should get my first sample on Monday. Woot! I will keep you posted.

Watcher Series Apparel & Gear

In addition to writing, one of my side hustles is graphic design. I figured I would use of those skills to create some t-shirts and other accessories that I want to wear and use.

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Thank you for all of your support. It’s been a tough year for everyone and I hope that you are weathering the chaos well. Sending out positive thoughts to all of you. #TheStruggleIsReal #StayingPositive

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