5 Photo Writing Prompts to Inspire

I’ve been hoarding pictures again and thought I should share a few. May they be a muse to your writing fancies.

Here are 5 photo prompts to inspire you to write creatively. Look at the picture and put the pen to paper. Don’t overthink it.

Prompt 1

Bloody hand in a pool with reflection of trees. Photo Writing Prompts by Robin Woods.

(I took a whole series of photos for Prompt Me Again. This one was much better in color, so I saved it for the blog. My friend Jenn was such a good sport and repeatedly did the “dead man’s float” for me over and over again. Don’t worry, it’s stage blood (peppermint flavored). :)

I scanned the crowd around the pool as dread flowed over me…

Prompt 2

Florence, OR bridge on a foggy day. Photo Writing Prompts by Robin Woods.

The fog only became thicker as night drew near…


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Prompt 3

Feet on snow. Photo Writing Prompts by Robin Woods.

The plan unraveled when the snow didn’t stop…

Prompt 4

Sea lions in Santa Cruz, CA.
Photo Writing Prompts by Robin Woods.

The sea seemed to be churning with sea lions, but…

They were watching me again…

Prompt 5

Fairy tale mushroom in the woods.
Photo Writing Prompts by Robin Woods.

Why did they call it the fairy tale mushroom when it could kill you?

Feel free to post a short story in the comments.

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