Photo Writing Prompts: 5 Photos for your Creative Mojo

The countdown for Prompt Me: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Workbook and Journal continues.

Here are five more photo prompts AND a full page from the workbook to tide you over.

No, I’m not giving you a full page of prompts, but I am giving you a mini “How To” with a sample story. Enjoy!

Prompt 1 

Prompt 2


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Prompt 3

Prompt 4

Prompt 5

Similar photo prompts will appear in Prompt Me: Sci-Fi & Fantasy. There are also be a ton of other types of prompts.

You can check out the other books in the Prompt Me Series on Amazon

Prompt Me Series Covers

Feel free to post short stories based on the prompts in the comment.  Do you accept the challenge? 🙂

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