Writing Resource: Words for Light & Dark

Are you looking for other words for light and dark? Here’s a fabulous list that includes synonyms, physical types, and associated feelings of light and dark.

I can almost taste summer. Can’t you? It has been such a deliciously stormy winter that I’m looking forward to some sunny days and a writing getaway.

As I sat trying to rest up for teaching tomorrow, I was thinking about light and dark. It inspired me to put a list together and dabble with a little graphic design. Anyway, here are the fruits of my labor. I hope it helps inspire you to write this week.

Light & Dark Infographic

infographic of words to describe light and dark by robin woods
infographic of words to describe light and dark by robin woods

Downloadable Light & Dark PDF

Here is a PDF for easier printing (both versions included): Words to Describe Light & Dark

Do you have any words that you love to use when writing about light and dark? I would love to have you share them.


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Words for light and dark blog graphic for Robin Woods Fiction

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