Writing Resource: Where Do We FEEL Emotion?

When writing, characters should have realistic physical reactions. Here’s a graphic to help you pinpoint the physical response.

It is important to match the physical and emotional responses to achieve realism, even if you are writing fantasy.

This infographic from Prompt Me Novel is based on medical research as to where we actually feel the emotions in our bodies.

Whether you agree or not, I hope this helps you think through your responses.

Where Do We FEEL Emotions-

Do you have any responses that you think are missing? What are they?

From Prompt Me Novel

This chart above is from Prompt Me Novel: Creative Writing Workbook & Journal. You will find this and many more helpful tips and tricks to help you succeed. Including graphic organizers to keep track of your characters and much more.

I use one of these for each of my projects and label the spine.

Have you always wanted to start (or finish) that novel? This gives you one place to organize each of your projects and tips to get finished.

Workbook sections include:

  • Brainstorm and outlining
  • Plotting and the “Tent Pole” Method
  • Character Worksheets
  • Conflict
  • Setting
  • Master Lists and more!


Cognitive Behavior Therapy 
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