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Escape to the Oregon Coast

Each year we hop in the car and head north to Oregon. We have relatives in several cities, and get to take in the breathtaking landscapes and partake in all sorts of outdoor activities. All of these photos were taken within a 20 minute drive of Florence, Oregon. This town is a favorite for those that live in Oregon. It offers an adorable downtown to hang out in, as well as, beaches, dunes, rivers, lakes, and forest. We try to fit in a couple of trips to the dunes on ATV’s, where several of these pictures are taken.

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“I alone cannot change the world

Photos are free for use with credit

These pictures are free to use as long as you credit me and link to my site (even if it is at the very bottom):
Photo by Robin Woods

Oregon_Beach_Rocks_byRobinWoos Oregon_Dune_Solitude_byRobinWoods Oregon_Dune_Tree_Tree_Skeletons_byRobinWoods Oregon_Florence_Sunset_byRobinWoods

Oregon_Windswept_Beach_byRobinWoods Oregon_Haceta_Lighthouse_byRobinWoods Oregon_Haceta_Stream_byRobinWoods Oregon_Misty_Morning_byRobinWoods

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