Writing: Abbreviations & Terms

When you stick your toe into the publishing world, you are immersed in a whole new set of jargon.  Admittedly, I had to look some of terms and abbreviations up, but others I knew from being an avid reader.

I recently had this conversation via text with one of my beta readers:


After that little exchange, I thought I would post a few. Enjoy!

Common Terms and Abbreviations in the Publishing World

ARC = Advanced Reader Copy

ASIN = Amazon Standard Identification Number (So, an ISBN exclusively for Amazon)

Epigraph = A quote at the beginning of a book or chapter that usually sets the tone.

Epilogue = A postscript that takes place after a novel or play that gives closure about the fates of the characters.

MS = Manuscript

POV = Point of View

Prologue= An introductory scene that precedes (comes before) the first scene of a novel or play.

Proof = A physical copy of a book that is still being tweaked

RRP = The recommended retail price

WIP = Work in Progress

Did you know that most publishers in the U.S. use Chicago Style? Many writers use MLA or APA because that is what they used in university, but those styles are designed for the academic world.

Did I miss any common abbreviations? Please comment 🙂

Update: This website has a searchable database of acronyms.

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