Watcher Series Shorts and Extras

The Unintended―Book One

1.1_Timeline_for_The Unintended (PDF) This is based on the first edition, but it still gives you an overall timeline of events.

1.4_Reemergence (PDF) Between Allure and The Unintended―Rosemond & Joshua’s walk in the garden. A short story.

1.5_Brotherly Reunion (PDF) Before The Unintended―Bowen & Tyran meet after years apart. A short story.
[WARNING: Spoilers if you haven’t read The Unintended]

1.2_Character_Descriptions_for_The_Unintended (PDF).

For a closeup click on the PDF below

1.0_Concilium_Heirarchy_Flow of Power (PDF) The structure of The Concilium of Watchers after the schism. The Council v. The Conclave.

The Nexus―Book Two

2.2_Timeline_for THE NEXUS (PDF)

2.3_The_Price_Bowen_PoV_Ch_25 & 26 Was Bowen honest with Aleria? [WARNING: If you have not read The Nexus, there are major SPOILERS in this extra.]

The floor plan for the safe house in chapter 4 of The Nexus entitled “Wounds.”

The Sacrifice―Book Three

3.1_Not Yours (PDF) Bowen’s perspective on that kiss in chapter one. A short story. Swoon.
[Warning: If you haven’t read The Unintended & The Nexus there are major SPOILERS in this extra.]

Ali’s North Star necklace and the shape of her birthmark.

Allure―The Prequel

My 1920s research for Allure on Pinterest.  Click here.

0.1 Allure Cross Over Moments with books one through three (PDF).

Also see “1.4 Reemergence” in The Unintended section (the short applies to both The Unintended and Allure novels).

This is the floor plan for the safe house in chapter three of Allure.

The Fallen Part One―Book Five

The full cover.

The Fallen Part Two―Book Six

Character Interview: Author Tamar Hela fell in love with my character, Tyran, during The Fallen Part 1 & 2 and asked to interview him. I had a blast doing this and it turned out delightfully funny.
Interview with Tyran by Tamar Hela

The full cover.

Fan Questions

I have answered many fan questions over the years. Here are a few of my favorites with the answers. If you would like to dig through and find more, click on the Fan Questions tag on the posts.

Ali’s Personality and Loyalty

Dating Advice

The Ring from the Dream

Values [Spoiler warning for The Nexus: Book Two]

Cover Art Analysis

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Watcher Series on Pinterest

I pin ideas onto a secret board and reveal the board after I have published. Here are some of the images I used for inspiration.

Check out my Watcher Series Board on Pinterest.  Click here.

Behind the Scenes

French Coven Crest that appears in The Nexus

My original sketch and Vera Walker’s completed illustration.

The Slayer Tattoo

My concept art mock-up where I kept track of the symbolism in the tattoo. Plus, Vera Walker’s formal illustration. Click pictures for a closer look.

Concept Art


Sometimes, I write poetry from the perspective of one of my characters to get into writing a scene. I find it the easiest way to tap into romance. 🙂

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Music Playlists

Listen to The Nexus Playlist on Spotify. Click here.

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Fan Art

I have been honored to have had fans send me things that they have created involving my series. Here are a few of my favorites.
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