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I am thrilled to announce that Storm and Solace: A Beauty and the Beast Retelling is ready for Pre-Order! Woot! So pre-order Storm and Solace now and enter to win fabulous prizes including signed books, book sleeves, gift certificates, stickers, and more!

An inventive retelling of Beauty and the Beast, this novel works entirely on its own terms… but fans of the original will be delighted by Woods’ creative take on the classic fairytale. This well-composed story enjoys a rapid pace without ever feeling rushed, which is sure to please fans of light fantasy, romance, and fairytales alike.” —Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★

The front cover of Storm and Solace: A Beauty and the Beast Retelling by Robin Woods

In this Beauty & The Beast role-swapping mashup, Saxa is stripped of her powers and cursed by her two sisters. She has twelve weeks to change her ways or lose everything—including her life.

Brandr, shipwrecked after a terrible storm, is swept into the world of gods and goddesses. When he trades his life for his brother’s, he sentences himself to a world he knows nothing about.d8e6f9

When their paths collide, nothing is as it seems. Who will survive this game of immortals?

Where to Order

This novel will be available on all major outlets. You can get your hands on four formats depending on your vendor: eBook, Paperback, Hardback (Printed Case through Amazon), and Hardback (Dustcover through Barnes & Noble). If your favorite place to buy books is available, don’t wait! 🙂

Enter the Giveaway to Win Prizes

Enter to win signed copies and other fabulous book swag. If you have already pre-ordered, have a pic of your receipt ready for some bonus entries. Woot!

Don’t forget to pre-order Storm and Solace now and enter to win prizes!

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Thank you for all of your support. All of you keep me going! xo

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