Light & Shadow

Well, it’s official. I’ve been working hard to finally finish Light & Shadow: The Watcher Series Shorts and Extras. And, dum duh du dah, here is the cover. See? It’s really happening!

And some lucky fans can have a scene written to answer their burning questions. See how below.

Through the years, some fan questions have inspired short stories and extra scenes. I’ve been compiling those, along with other short scenes I’ve written to figure out what other characters are thinking.

Here are some samples of the fan questions I have answered:

  • How did Gabriel get his scar?
  • What happened to Joshua in Romania?
  • What did Rosemond’s mother say to George in Allure?
  • What did Ali’s letter to Joshua say in The Nexus?
  • What does the Latin on the Slayer tattoo mean?
  • How does the Concilium/Conclave/Council function?

The book will also feature:

  • Analysis of the French Coven Crest
  • The original prologue from The Unintended
  • An artwork reference section
  • Bowen’s perspective of The Fallen Part Two, chapter 29
  • Poetry written to and about characters in the novels
  • Also, did you know that Bowen lied to Aleria in The Nexus? (Referenced by Tyran in The Fallen Part Two) Read what fully happened in “The Price.”
  • I also promise action, hotness, and some aha moments.

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Do you have a fan question?

I have time to write a few more short pieces. So, here is your chance. Exciting, right?!

Want a scene written to answer your question?

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Fresh New Editions

The Watcher series by Robin Woods

All books in The Watcher Series, both eBook and paperback, have been updated in 2020. Sorry, no new content, but the writing is better and they are beautiful. Additionally, the covers are now soft-touch matte instead of glossy.

Is it time to reread the series? All books in the series are available to read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited (KU). You can get a month of KU free by clicking here. And, you don’t need a Kindle to use it. You can use your smartphone, computer, iPad, or other devices. Links: All Kindle Apps| Kindle App for Android | Kindle for Mac |Kindle for PC | Kindle for iPhone | Kindle for Google Play

I love hardcovers the most, but when I travel I always use my Kindle Paper White. I don’t get the eye fatigue I get with normal screens. You can check them out here. Anyway, I digress. I would love to see any questions you have in the comments. Blessings!

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  1. What happened between Gabriel and that tattoo chick? What’s their story?

  2. What fun! How about a Story from when Bown and Tyran are kids? Can’t wait to see what is coming. ❀️

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