What people are saying about The Watcher Series

Praise for The Unintended

“I found The Unintended to be engaging and a fun escape…” —C. Toni Graham, Author of Crossroads and the Himalayan Crystals

Praise for The Nexus NexusSummerRead

“…loved the fast-paced, sexy, and dark themes of the book. Woods continues to grow her characters while adding more danger and emotion to the mix.” —Tamar Hela, Author of the Spirit Lake Series

Praise for The Sacrifice

“The Sacrifice” had me hooked from beginning to end…I read it during my breaks at work; I read it while cooking dinner; I even read it when it was so late that I was too tired to be able to remember my own middle name! I couldn’t get enough.” —Goodreads review

Praise for Allure

“I have read all of the books in the series and must say, this is my favorite one. I found myself doing irresponsible things just to sneak a chapter or two—reading in secret at my desk at work, staying up waaaay past my bedtime, even bribing my kids with candy to leave me alone for a few minutes at a time!! (I know, I should be ashamed of myself) The characters are amazing (I hope both of my boys grow up to have the charisma and humor of Ethan!) and everything tied beautifully into the previous books. I loved every single word of it…” —Amazon review
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“A thrilling taste of the 1920’s, Allure offers a little bit for everyone—romance, vampires, speakeasies, charm, laughter, tears…”
—TruDreamr, Official Robin Woods fan site host